February 3, 2016

FreeBSD service for aria2 download manager

I have to confess. I am falling in love with FreeBSD. It is so darn simple to set up and control a custom service, that I am going to cry when I remember systemd. I am using aria2 as a download manager on my local server, which I control via RPC. Recently I discovered the beautiful webui-aria2, which is a browser application connecting to aria2. I figured it might be nice to have a custom service, so that aria2 can be launched during boot. ... Read more

June 17, 2015

Setting up a FreeBSD Droplet with Ansible

A few months ago I moved my private server over to DigitalOcean. Coming from OpenBSD, I gave DigitalOcean’s FreeBSD option a try. However, this time I wanted to do it right: essential services were to be provisioned properly. I never want to configure a mail server from scratch again. That’s where Ansible comes in. While I played around with Puppet before, Ansible convinced me, since it works over simple SSH and doesn’t need any dedicated client pull. ... Read more

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